What To Do/Not To Do When Feeling Homesick

What not to do

  • Watch When Harry Met Sally alone in the house
  • Panic too much about dividing the living and working environment – it is odd being employed by those who want to be seen as your family. Just relax and let the pasta bubble – the fusion of employment and family life is as complicated as you make it
  • Mope about in the street – even children will look and wonder why you are so miserable
  • Try not to cry in public places – strange men will use it as an excuse to pop over and pet you


What to do

  • Try doing/finding new things each day – for example, today I stumbled across a fragrant, little tea shop hidden in a rickety, cobbled street that I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to return to again. It had shelves lined with sarcophaguses of tea leaves. I chose a vanilla scented one and proudly put it in the kitchen cupboard
  • Get your mind racing – look for a school/some kind of class; whether it is learning italian, teaching, drawing, foreign exchange conversations (oh-er)
  • Leave the house as often as possible – the more you come back to the apartment, the more it becomes ‘home’
  • Appreciate the small things: children with chocolate around faces/said chocolate around own face
  • Talk with everyone, don’t worry about the broken, crunchy, awkward italian you may have initially pieced together
  • Drink water from the fun, old pumps in piazzas (the nearest one for me is in Piazza Campo de’ Fiori)
  • Buy that plump, fresh, round orange that looks at you as you pass it in the market

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