Bobbi Brown Lipgloss + When To Wear It?



This was a treat before I came to Rome actually. Rather than splashing out on lots of new clothes – I decided to buy a new lip gloss. (Call me lavish). The Bobbi Brown pink raspberry kind.

You know what I love about lip gloss? Or indeed any lip product? It is because you can apply it anywhere and it gives you an instant pick-me-up, or whatever it is you want without hobbling on high heels or sporting an expensive item of clothing that hugs in places I shouldn’t.

Some situations I recommend wearing this:

  • An interview moment

The tube is packed and gross, sweaty armpits and angry frowns leaning against unmentionable parts of your body. You leave the tube with a fluster and flurry. Caked in stress and dirt from other people’s morning. You can’t find your Oyster card. You are thrown against the barrier whilst people show off who can. You find it, hurrah! A familiar purple tube taps your finger. You leave the station and the sunlight bathes your face. You add a dab of Pink Raspberry and for a moment you feel slightly better about parading into an unfamiliar office with venomous suits offering you water and sharpening their fangs.


  • An airport moment

It’s the most early in the morning it has ever been. You are swimming with sleep, and carrying seven suitcases. Your passport is hiding in one of them. You haven’t had breakfast, you are alone and late. Lady loudspeaker in the airport is catapolting instructions and indications. The airport is chaotic – are you in the right one? Double check ticket, ticket says ‘yes you are.’ Gate is not up, thank the Lord. Cafe’ sign next to screen with gates. You order a coffee and offload luggage. You sit and think and remember how excited you are about where you are going. You enjoy coffee, attractive waiter is staring at you even though you feel like an orc. Finish coffee, get a bit of Bobbi out, apply and leave for flight.


Find out more here!


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