Back To London: Face Lift Friday!



Not a real one. Just a bloggy one. Less exciting and life changing but still important if you ask me. If I ever do have one I will certainly turn it into life-changing literature, which I’m sure it would be. There is a lot of stuff like that going round – the latest one I can think of is Kim Kardashian’s baby oiled bottom mooning its way out of PAPER mag for all of $10. Johnson & Johnson must have had a field day.

ANYWAY I digress. I have been on the mute side as I was undergoing a massive lifestyle move from sapphire-skied, delicious Rome to exciting, shiny London. In other words – I’ve moved back home. Away from terracotta-filled horizons and cleavage-gawking waitors, away from the best croissants and cappuccino in the world and back to the rumble of the tube and sooty skies of green old England.

I am pretty happy to be back. Can I still call this blog The Signorina? How dare I? You roar into your keyboards. Well, the thing is, ‘Miss’ offers a little less stumpfh that I’d like. Plus, its nice to have a bit of Italian now and then, no?

So here’s to Friday and new things in all shapes and sizes!


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