10 Top Stories – Quick 2014 Round-Up


1) Hair cut and a telling off here

2) Eavesdropping, Spanish Steps Style here

3) Overheard amusing conversation on the London tubeĀ here

4) 10 reasons you know you live with an Italian here

5) Magazine moment and inspiration ladies here

6) The date, nutella-dilemma and ivy embellished bars hereĀ 

aka “Why American boy when you are in Italia?

7) Jazz moment: here

8) Paris, Paris, Paris

9) New years resolutions of 2014 – being flawless isn’t always necessary or all that exciting here

10) Roman Insults, Yoga & a Revelation here


Le Petit Parisien, Montmartre, Paris (Did You Guess?)

Le Petit Parisien, Montmartre, Paris (Did You Guess?)

Scenes From Paris in Spring

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A View From The Bridge

A View From The Bridge