10 Top Stories – Quick 2014 Round-Up


1) Hair cut and a telling off here

2) Eavesdropping, Spanish Steps Style here

3) Overheard amusing conversation on the London tube here

4) 10 reasons you know you live with an Italian here

5) Magazine moment and inspiration ladies here

6) The date, nutella-dilemma and ivy embellished bars here 

aka “Why American boy when you are in Italia?

7) Jazz moment: here

8) Paris, Paris, Paris

9) New years resolutions of 2014 – being flawless isn’t always necessary or all that exciting here

10) Roman Insults, Yoga & a Revelation here



How To Be The MOST Christmas

9 ways to show your fellow commuters & colleagues you are ready for Christmas

1) Sellotape tinsel to your face for instant Christmas effect

2) Have a wear of a Rudolf Christmas onesie, perhaps in between meetings at work, to make other colleagues smile and know you are the most ready for Christmas

3) Sew a traditional Christmas chipolata down your face so that people will think you are the most Christmas when they are having a look at your face

4) When someone next to you on the tube is reading or listening to music, remove headphones/take book and sing instead to fellow commuter who is ready to enjoy your Christmas carolling

5) Manoeuvre via elvin twirls as you make your way from the bus to the tube station/office instead of dull walking

6) Perhaps there is a delay and you are surrounded by fed up commuters who look a) angry b) tired c) grumpy d) anxious. What better way to lift their spirits and remind them of Christmas than scattering fake snow on the bus/tube floor, where bits may even settle on said commuters hair or, even better, eyelashes causing Christmas cheer

7) Wear a plastic red nose and (cover the elastic band with your hair) to show you are the most Christmas

8) Produce hand-painted crackers to fellow commuters for them to take to work and know Christmas is coming

9) Put flour in your hair and a red Christmas hat on your chin so that from upside down people will think you are Father Christmas

How have you been the most Christmas?

Good luck!



It Isn’t Eavesdropping If You Are Standing Right There, Is It?

A few days ago I was standing in the tube, in London during my Christmas visit home to England. Two women sitting on my left starting having a conversation about hot drinks. Naturally, I couldn’t move as is normally the case in the unforgiving London underground. So, naturally, I was listening in.

Here is how the conversation went:
Girl opens a packet filled with what looks likes sachets of hot chocolate/HorlicksStrong, Cockney accents.
“You don’t like hot drinks do you?”
“Oh God no,” Girl turns nose up at packet.
“Not even hot chocolate?
“No, I mean, you got drinks, why should they be hot?”
“Sometimes its comforting-“
“I see what you mean, yeah, but drinks are drinks, why ruin them by making them hot?”
“What about coffee?”
“Hate coffee, never liked it, never drink it, can’t understand why people do. I mean – okay – at a push I’ll have a cup of tea, but that is, you know, at a push.”
“What about soup?”
“Not soup, no. Well – if I have to it needs bits in, you know, to chew on.”
“But without bits you wouldn’t like-“
“No, without bits, it’s just, disgusting.” Girl makes strange noise with throat.
“You know what, drinks are fine cold – that’s the end of that. I mean, why make everything hot? They aren’t meant to be hot. ‘Am like, leave them as they are.”
“Yeah I guess.
“What about, hot Ribena?’
“Oh God yeah, I’ll have that any day.”