Vogue Night Out

Here are some pictures from the Vogue Night Out I attended recently.

Serene ballet dancers performed sequences in gleaming shop windows; a glamorous string quartet embellished with handsome waiters clutching trays of fluorescent Aperol Spritz, beckoning you in.

Bursts of white flowers placed as gorgeous centrepieces, like elegant frothy explosions in the middle of the floor, cherry-flavoured vodka poured silkily into pristine cocktail glasses…












Gucci As You’ve Never Seen Him Before

( Image courtesy of: http://www.sociallyvogue.com/guccio-gucci.html ) ( http://www.gucci.com/cn-en/home ) “We know an awful lot about the clothes, pearly yachts, luxury cheekbones and vague, glazed beauty that clings to the House of Gucci – but what about the gentleman himself?” I wanted … Continue reading

Flying Back To Italy Today!


It’s been a long and lovely holiday at home in London, but the time has come to head back to Italy to continue work. (I use the term work loosely of course, as working for the Italian family is proving to be a wonderful experience.)

I should mention, I don’t know how long yet I will be doing it for – as long as Italy will have me! There is certainly a whole wave of things I’ve yet to do and people I’ve yet to meet, dates yet to have. (I’ve been rather shy and slow in that department! I know, grow up!)

What with children, ice cream errands and pesto dilemmas on the one hand, I feel there is so much glamorous sunlit ground I’m still yet to cover on the other hand.

Wish list: Dolce & Gabbana style


Christmas wish list anyone? I thought I’d post a snippet of my recent trip to Milan! This shop window was one of many dazzling displays on the Via della Spiga. A walk through this street is like skipping through the pages of Vogue!